In a world gone seemingly mad, only rationality and common sense can save it! Every week, seasoned policy and political professionals, Andrew Langer and Jerry Rogers, bring their decades of experience and level-headed outlooks to tacke the world's thorniest problems. Taking issues that are ripped from today's headlines, they break down these subjects in ways anyone and everyone can understand. Then they get expert advice from the folks who are neck-deep in those issues. Finally, they lay out the bottom line--and talk about how they'd solve these problems.

Meet The Hosts!

  • Andrew Langer is President of the Institute for Liberty and the founder of the Institute for Regulatory Analysis and Engagement. With nearly thirty years of experience in politics and public policy, Andrew has advised presidential campaigns, fought tough policy battles (and won), testified before Congress and other legislative bodies dozens of times, and spoken in front of thousands of people. For nearly ten years, he was a broadcaster with WBAL NewsRadio 1090, Maryland's largest news/talk station--and at the same time he had filled in for both nationally-syndicated broadcasters and on satellite radio. He has appeared on news channels around the globe... and appeared in two motion pictures!
  • Jerry Rogers is the Editor of Real Clear Health and serves as the Editor of several other sites within the Real Clear family of websites, among the most-visited news websites around the world. He has MORE THAN 30 years of experience in politics and public policy--having worked for state legislators, members of Congress, and top-level policy organizations. He hosts his own weekly show on WBAL NewsRadio 1090, as well as filling in for other shows. Jerry has also been a teacher, and has served as a high school football and track coach!

Tune in every week for the fun of these two long-time friends as they grapple with the problems of the day.

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